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What people are saying about us

"We'd like to thank Chuck Haven and Kandy Records for all their support. So far they've done a wonderful job of helping our band get out there. We are very honored to be apart of the kandy records family."
Leon Boone - Obsolete

"Being involved in the local metal scene, I see Kandy Records as a huge gateway to fulfilling happiness and accomplishment to the bands and fans of four Corners metal."
Tyrell - WAR

"Kandy Record's I must say... is a huge helpful hand to the local scene and talent, Needless to say Kandy Records has helped Studio 18 provide a place for all local talent from over a chance to play there music they love. I Thank Chuck and Kandy Records for the great deal of help for the past year and half."

-Brandon Tsosie :: Paranormal Slaughter | Studio 18-

Featured Artist -Broken Circle


The Broken Circle is dedicated to making music and playing live. Representing Metal heads around the world , especially in the...MORE

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Music Review

Heavy Metal Blood Drive

Thrash Metal from Chinle, AZ.

"We are Heavy Metal Blood Drive(HMBD), a trio of Dine' metalheads that hail from the desert sands of a third world nation(Navajo Reservation) within a plush nation(USA) that has only music to thrive on thru the hard, broken and..." more...

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